During the “Baby and Family Expo”, Michael Weiss, former head coach of the Philippine football team Azkals graced the expo stage for a short interview about the similarities and differences of coaching to parenting. That day, he shared his views and values in handling a team of athletes and raising two lovely daughters. Weiss shared that sports and life are similar in many ways.

If one wants to become a good athlete, Weiss points out that skills are a very important criterion. The higher the league, the better one has to be, he says. However, having good character is an even more vital requirement in being part of any team. One should have a good character with the right attitude to be able to work well with others. “ Character and good spirit are very very important.”

As a parent one should help their child develop a strong mind and a good heart.

According to Weiss, when you are a coach training more than a dozen grown men, it requires a healthy dose of strictness to keep the players disciplined.

However, you should also have a certain degree of understanding so that both players and the coach can work in harmony. The same goes with being a parent, “As a father, you’re vulnerable in certain situations” and with your emotional connection to your kids, it’s easy to fall for their puppy dog eyes and give in.

He elaborates, then, that one concept is important in both being a coach and a father; and that is for you to be the guiding force in your kids’ lives but allowing them room for personal development. By doing so, they can develop better skills in coping and facing either the field or the real world.

Weiss sums up parenting this way: 1. Keep them happy. They are only going to be children once and should then spend it in happiness.2. Bring them up in a good environment. Kids should be brought up in a loving and caring environment which is free from judgment and limits by their parents. 3. Treat your kids with love, care, and attention. You should always show your kids how much you love them even through simple gestures. Pay attention to what they have to say because to them, that is important. Moreover, you should support them in any dream or passion. 4. Teach discipline. Remember to instill good values through discipline.

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